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Leaders From Industry, Academia & Suppliers With The Following Job Titles:

CEOs, Directors & Managers Of Leading Application Creators, Suppliers & Academia Including:

  • Head of Technology
  • Head of New Technology
  • Head of R&D
  • Head of R&T
  • Director of R&D
  • Director of Technology
  • Director of New Business
  • Senior Director Corporate Technologies
  • Department Head
  • Head of Composites
  • Head of Materials Engineering
  • Research Leader
  • Research Associate
  • Head of Strategic Partnerships
  • Group Leader
  • Principal Research Engineer

From Industries Including:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Sensors
  • Computing
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Biomedical
  • Imaging
  • Defence
  • Oil & Gas

And Suppliers Including Providers Of:

  • CVD Graphene
  • CVD Equipment
  • Graphene Platelets
  • Graphene Ink
  • Graphene Oxide
  • Graphite
  • Substrates
  • Nanomaterial Research Equipment

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The agenda this year has been re-researched and re-developed to include only the very latest and hottest learning issues in the ever changing...

...graphene commercialisation landscape. Collaborating this year with the National Graphene Institute at the University Of Manchester, this year's summit is set to be the platform of the year for taking graphene one step closer to commercialisation in the most industry led event in the series yet.

What's new this year at the Graphene Supply, Application & Commercialisation summit?

  • LOCATED AT THE BIRTHPLACE OF GRAPHENE : This year, we are working in collaboration with Manchester University to combine the knowledge and contacts of London Business Conferences with those of the National Graphene Institute to deliver an even bigger, more content packed agenda for 2014. Following the Nobel Prize winning discovery of graphene at the University of Manchester and investment in the National Graphene Institute, Manchester is now recognised as a global hub for graphene development. 
  • UNIQUE FOCUS ON THE SUPPLY OF HIGH QUALITY GRAPHENE : Presentations this year will focus not only on the latest application success stories, but will also reveal solutions to one of the most critical hurdles in graphene integration - the cost, quality and scalability of supply. 
  • REVEALING ADVANCES IN PROCESSABILITY AND INTEGRATION IN MANUFACTURING: Once functional feasibility and supply have been confirmed, the next critical step is integration and processing. As industry is now moving closer to this stage, this year we have included a brand new focus on how to successfully integrate graphene with manufacturing equipment and how to tailor material properties through defect engineering and substrate choices to reduce the time and costs associated with industrialisation.
  • BRAND NEW APPLICATIONS SHOWCASE: A great deal of progress has been made in the past 12 months and this year, the congress will be hosting industry pioneering end users who will be delivering new and exclusive case studies across flexible touch screens, transistors, sensors, composites, energy storage, coatings, biomedical and thermal dissipation.
  • INVESTORS CRITERIA: Whilst science is the engine behind graphene commercialisation, capital investment in graphene R&D and application is of course critical to progress. This year, a keynote panel will determine the criteria of investors in regards to graphene applications to find out what they need from the science community to justify further investment.
  • COMPARING GRAPHENE TO EXISTING AND FUTURE MATERIAL COMPETITORS : Application opportunities for both graphene protagonists and industry could be created through identifying uses for graphene in combination with other 2D materials. Therefore we will be hosting a brand new session this year on the success of other 2D materials to optimise material selection for each application.


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