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Perpetuus Carbon Technologies

Perpetuus Carbon Technology has overcome the fundamental problems that continue to inhibit the production of industrial volumes of graphenes; performance and price. Perpetuus's patent applied for technology has accelerated through its development stage and is now delivering between 25 to 50 kilos per hour of high quality surface engineered graphenes.

Perpetuus technology is the first to genuinely achieve commercial production quantities in excess of 100 tonnes per annum, with planned capacity of circa 500 tonnes by the end of 2014.

Perpetuus materials are surface engineered; doped and decorated to achieve performance criteria close to the theoreticians projected performance limits for graphene.

Perpetuus has a standard range of graphene stacks, functionalised with COOH, Amine, Fluorine or Hydrogen. These stacks can be functionalised to customer specifications, or supplied with zero functionality with better than 99% carbon content.

These graphene materials are available at a standard net rate of £50 a kilo (not including VAT and deliver costs). Quantities larger than one tonne require 28 days notice.
Perpetuus Research and Development has developed a number of 'proof of concept' prototypes, all of which use of its graphene materials. These include:

*    An ITO replacement, which is a flexible and transparent. Conductive films and lamps have been produced using this material. 

*    A carbon based graphene ink - which is probably the most conductive ink commercially available.

Perpetuus has invited an analyst from a respected trade publication to visit its manufacturing facility and independently authenticate and validate its production capability (including characterisation processes); its graphene material claims and product development program. Perpetuus look forward to the publication of this independent report in March 2014.

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